Student Council
LHNW Student Council Mission Statement 2013
We, the dedicated leaders of the future, challenge ourselves to always strive for excellence in order to form a more united student body dedicated to a life of Christian service in the following ways: 
  • To encourage and create student enthusiasm in student activities, as well as school spirit
  • To acknowledge and promote all levels of student involvement as important
  • To build and strengthen respect and equality towards others
  • To serve as a source of communication between the student body, faculty, and administration of the school
  • To promote a life of service in unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ

Student Council 2013-2014
Executive Board Officers
  • President — Brooke Thomas
  • Vice President — Erin O'Keefe
  • Communications — Justin Lepor
  • Student Life — Mackenzie Hill
  • Spiritual Life — Alayna Kersten
Senior Officers
  • Class President — Kyle Roehm
  • Student Life — Penelope Santos
  • Spiritual Life — Jessica Jenkins
Junior Officers
  • Class President — Andrew Abraham
  • Student Life — Kate Irwin
  • Spiritual Life — Brianna McClain
Sophomore Officers
  • Class President — Paige Robinson
  • Student Life — Hannah Raby
  • Spiritual Life — Noah Eschmann
 Freshmen Officers
  • Class President — Rebecca Sturges
  • Student Life — Jenna Wilusz
  • Spiritual Life — Caleb Nelson

Pictures from the 2013 November Blood Drive may be accessed via the Photo Album link to the right.

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