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Intro to Art

Prerequisite: None                                                                                                   Duration: Two Semesters


The emphasis of this introductory course is improving skills and developing a basic understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design. Fundamental artistic skills and knowledge are developed as the student is exposed to a variety of different media and work from past and current artists. Students develop the ability to analyze and interpret works of art and gain an appreciation for art and its integral role in life and culture.


Drawing and Painting 1

Prerequisite: Intro to Art                                                                                             Duration: Two Semesters


This course is designed to further refine the students’ drawing and painting abilities and aid them in the development of a personal style. Students work in a variety of drawing (pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, chalk, and ink) and painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel and tempera) media to develop their abilities to accurately portray the world around them. Students enhance their analytic and interpretive abilities through discussion of past and current artists. Weekly sketchbook work is used to develop skills and creativity.



Mixed Media and Printmaking

Prerequisite: Intro to Art                                         Duration: One Semester (First Semester - Paired with 3D Design)


This course is designed to give the student opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill in the use of two-dimensional media. Students are given different graphic challenges to meet in the areas of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, computer graphics, and mixed media. Special emphasis is placed on intentional design and the communicative aspects of art. As students use photography as a semester-long means of studying design, a digital camera and flash drive is required for class.


3D Design

Prerequisite: Intro to Art        Duration: One Semester (Second Semester - Paired with Mixed Media and Printmaking)


This course is designed to give the student opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill in the use of three-dimensional media. Students engage in creative activities working with such three-dimensional mediums as craft sticks, plaster, clay, wood, wire, cardboard, paper, found objects, etc. Students develop concern and understanding in their sculptures for form, construction, and content. Students learn about the history and function of sculpture through the study of past and current sculptures and architectural works. 3rd quarter focuses on sculpture, while 4th quarter focuses on architecture.


Ceramics 1

 Prerequisite: Intro to Art                                                                              Duration: Two Semesters


This course provides students an in-depth study of ceramics. Students experience a variety of means of working with clay including sculpture, hand building with coils and slabs, using molds, and throwing ware on the potter’s wheel. Students also experiment with different decorative processes and are instructed in the firing process.  Students learn about the history and function of ceramics through the study of past and current artists.


Independent Study Art Portfolio

Prerequisite: 6 semesters of art, B+ or better average in art classes, instructor approval

Duration: Offered every semester, may be taken more than once


This course is an independent study class for senior students where an individualized curriculum will be developed with the instructor relative to the student's interests and abilities. Students who are interested in pursuing an art-related career are aided in developing a functional portfolio within the school day. The intent of this course is to assist the student in developing a strong self-concept and to encourage self-expression and creativity. Media experimentation is encouraged, though the students may concentrate in specializing in one specific area of study.