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General Information

General Drama Information


When students join the cast or crew of a play, their attendance is necessary for success. We recognize that many students like to participate in other school-related activities and encourage them to talk with their coaches and the directors to work out a schedule allowing them to experience both. It is essential that an actor be at all required rehearsals (no matter the size of his/her part).  Please keep in mind that rehearsals during Tech Week may run later into the evening (until 9:30 p.m. or so).  


Respect and Christian love for fellow performers, crew members, and directors is always an expectation.  The LHNW Drama Department follows the same academic eligibility requirements as athletics. 


Actors often use expensive equipment on stage. It is the responsibility of the student to treat it with respect and care. The replacement of any broken or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the student.  


Each part requires one or more costumes.  While every effort will be made to provide all performers with a costume, it may be necessary for a performer to provide a costume from his/her own wardrobe or purchase clothing to be used as a costume. 


Meals are provided to the students during tech week by parent volunteers.  To reimburse parents for the cost of meals, students will be charged approximately $25 per play.  This will give parent volunteers a contribution of $5 per meal, per student toward the expense of providing meals for the cast and crew during tech week.  


All participants will be asked to “donate” items needed for the concession stand and for cast snacks. This includes things like water, candy, chips, etc. NOTE: If you see bottled water on sale, please considering buying a case or two to donate. Thank you!


For each major production a t-shirt will be designed and made available at cost to all those participating in the production. Purchase of the shirts is not mandatory.


Cast parties will be held after the Saturday night performance of each production at the Ram’s Horn at Hamlin and Rochester Roads.


Parent Involvement

We welcome and NEED parent involvement. If you are interested, there are many opportunities to help us. We need help with set building and props, costuming, makeup, ticket sales, and concessions for each of our productions. In addition we need parent volunteers to help with Tech Week dinners.


See the attached list of Parent Leadership Team for who to contact if you would like to volunteer. 



Information about activities and events of LHNW Drama can be found in the following locations: 

  • The Drama CALL BOARD: This bulletin board is located outside Room 207.  Information will be posted on this board.  Handouts will often be available in the hanging pockets beneath the board. 
  • The Drama pages on the school website, www.lhnw.lhsa.com, found under the Student Groups tab.  
  • Drama Bulletin Boards found outside the cafeteria and in the main hallway.  
  • Questions about LHNW Drama and/or Thespian Troupe 4216 can be directed to Drama Director, David Kusch, at dkusch@lhsa.com or 248-852-6677 extension 207 or 734-812-5843.