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Business / Computer Courses

Business Administration

Grades 11, 12                           Prerequisite: None                                                         2 semesters

This course will provide a clear understanding of the characteristics, the organization, and the operations of business. Semester 1 is an intro to business management overview; semester 2 is an intro to marketing overview.

Business Math & Personal Finance

Grades 11, 12                           Prerequisite: 2 previous math classes                             2 Semesters

                                                (ie: Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra)

The material in Business Math & Personal Finance will focus on the development of mathematical skills that are essential in helping students prepare for their future roles as Christians, citizens, consumers, employees and employers. The student will gain an understanding of how the world economy impacts business by learning and applying basic mathematical skills to everyday business activities including managing their money and expenses; making basic financial decisions; understanding the value of money in today’s market and the future value of money; when to borrow / use credit and when to postpone purchases. Additionally, students should be able calculate gross and net pay for hourly, salaried, commissioned, and piece rate employees; determine total fringe benefits; write, edit and revise various banking documents including deposit / withdrawal and monthly bank reconciliation.

Microsoft Office

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                  Prerequisite:  None                                                        2 semesters

This course will lead to increased proficiency in Microsoft Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), and Access (database), the three most common productivity applications. If time allows, Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation) and Publisher (desk-top publishing) are introduced.

Visual Basic

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra             2 semesters

Students will learn programming in Visual Basic. Logical and sequential thinking are emphasized in pro-gram construction and program-problem solving.


Grades 11, 12                                                                                                               2 semesters

This course focuses on the media of web pages, graphics, and animations. Students study webpage and website creation and management as well as gain experience on the Lutheran Northwest website. Ado-be Dreamweaver (webpage and website construction), Adobe Fireworks (graphic design and editing), and Adobe Flash (webpage animation) are used. This course cannot fulfill the English graduation requirement.

Web Design

Grades 11, 12 Prerequisite: Completion of Media                                                            2 semesters


Prerequisite: Instructor approval

This course focuses on selected aspects of production on the Lutheran Northwest web site ( Adobe Photoshop (bitmap photo editing and cropping) and Adobe Illustrator (vector graphic construction and editing) are used. In addition, Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf formatting) may be used to complete various tasks in webpage creation.


Grades 11, 12                           Prerequisite: Instructor approval                                     2 semesters

This course focuses on producing the Lutheran Northwest yearbook, the Cruzada. Adobe InDesign (desk-top publishing) and Adobe Photoshop (bitmap photo editing) are used; Adobe Illustrator (vector graphic construction and editing) may also be used. Enrollment is limited, and the course may not be taken twice. This course cannot fulfil the English graduation requirement.

Accounting I

Grades 10, 11, 12                      Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra              2 semesters

The material in Accounting I gives the student a thorough background and understanding of the basic accounting procedures used to operate sole proprietorships / partnerships. Students will learn the basic accounting principle (assets = liabilities + owners equity) and learn how to apply daily business transactions to the appropriate budget categories and distinguish between fixed, variable and nonessential budget items. The accounting procedures serve as a sound background for employment in office jobs and preparation for studying business courses in college.

Accounting II

Grades 11, 12                           Prerequisite: Successful completion of Accounting                     2 semesters

The material in Accounting II advances the student from the basics of sole proprietorships / partnerships in the complex environments of Corporations and Not-For-Profit Organizations. Special emphasis is placed on budgeting and spending; time value of money; accounting for property, plant and equipment assets as well as intangible asset allocations (ie profit sharing / shareholder distributions) as well as reconciling General Journal entries to General Ledger entries and end of month reconciliations.