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English Courses

English 9

Grade 9                                                Required of all Freshmen                                               2 semesters

Students work to develop necessary communication and study skills through the study of literature and development of writing, speaking, and organization skills.  Practical skills in the areas of grammar and usage are also improved.  Prewriting strategies will be taught to generate, focus, and organize ideas.  Students will learn to select and use language that is appropriate, while learning informal and formal writing styles.  A range of genres will be utilized for reading and writing purposes, such as:  fiction, drama, poetry, and short stories.  Sentence structure, paragraphing, and basic essay styles will be taught.

English 10

Grade 10                                   Required of all Sophomores                                          2 semesters

Students build on the foundations of knowledge established in English 9 to further their command of the language.  Skills are developed primarily through writing practice and the discussion of literature.  The use of prewriting and pre-reading strategies will be utilized, such as brainstorming and mapping.  More complex writing formats will be taught to develop clear concise sentences, well formed paragraphs, the process to writing an essay, and the knowledge to complete a research paper.  Novels, plays, poetry, and short stories will be read.

English 11

Grade 11                                   Required of all Juniors                                                   2 semesters

American Literature and Speech

This course will concentrate on American Literature from Native American writings to modern day American Literature.  Novels, short stories, journals, a drama, and poetry will be read and discussed.  Sentence style will be a focus, as well as writing proper paragraphs, and the development of the five paragraph essay.  Types of essay writing include, but are not limited to; expository, characterization, theme, literary response, and persuasive forms.

Also within the course, throughout the school year, speech will be of focus in addition to reading and writing. This third dimension will help students develop the skills of effective communication through a variety of formal and informal speaking situations.  Students will also hear and read examples of speeches to enhance their abilities to speak formally and informally.  Also students will develop the skills needed to become more effective listeners.

Honors English 11

Grade 11                                   Prerequisite: Departmental Approval, 3.0 English GPA    2 semesters

This course is an accelerated writing and reading class, with focus on American Literature.  Numerous essays and research projects are assigned on a regular basis.  There is also a mandatory summer novel reading assignment and summer essays assigned which are to be turned in at the start of the school year.  Some of the essay forms that are taught are:  writing to compare/contrast, descriptive, persuade, narrative, theme, symbolism, tone, characterization, and interpretative essays.  Novels, plays, poetry, and short stories will be read along with focusing on a higher level of reading comprehension skills.  Speaking formally and informally is also instituted within the year course.  A 4.5- point scale is used.

English 12

Grade 12                                   Required of all Seniors                                                  2   semesters

English Literature and Composition:  The focus of this course is on British Literature and composition.  Students will have the opportunity to explore and discuss dramas, poetry, novels, and short stories.  Also the student will be taught to be a more effective writer, and participate in the composing and peer editing of various styles of essay writing.  Some essay styles that will be taught include:  writing narratives, cause/effect, persuasive, compare/contrast, characterization, a resume, satire/irony, and a college admittance essay.  Reading and interpretation skills will also be a focus.

AP English  

Grade 12                       Prerequisite: Departmental Approval, 3.0 English GPA               2 semesters

Advance Placement English is designed for the college bound student looking for a challenge and is taught much like a college class with focus on individual preparation and achievement.  Students with a 3.0 English GPA and departmental approval are encouraged to take this class.  An emphasis is placed on analytical skills and higher level thinking through discussion, a high level of literary analysis, and the development of the thesis paper.  Students taking this course are expected to take the AP English test, and the class is geared toward preparation for the test.  Also, a mandatory summer novel and summer essays are required to be completed before the beginning of the school year.  A five-point scale is used (weighted grade).